A downloadable Efilism

Rated M +15. Harsh Language and Adult Themes!

Nothing really happens in this. It's quite poorly made. Do not expect an epic game, just expect a small adventure.

So what to do? You have a small wilderness to explore. Somewhere there's these:

Brain creatures - They take you to the thought experiment dimension. To exit that dimension, go to the white cube.
Hint: Follow the willow tree, directly in front & or behind to find a creature.

The computer - Plays some classic audio. To go back to exploring, look under the desk, with the camera pointing towards the PC screen.

A physics ball with a pink trail render - just to play with.

If you are interested in the source files, message me.

This is not me: It is the Efilist, Inmendham. First of his name, coiner of phrases and theories, of Mendham, New Jersey.


To quit the game, ALT + TAB, or ALT + F4. Esc just pauses.

Music Credits:
Piano Milano - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
Sleepy Seven - Bonobo
Anything Goes - Cole Porter (sample)
Satisfaction- Benny Benassi - (Heavily edited)

Install instructions

Created with Unity 5. Files are contained in the .Zip. Enjoy, or don't, and such, so forth and what not.


EfilSim.zip (103 MB)


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lol I made a video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdeVs_vTLto), cool game though and such. Also this allowed me to discover itch.io , never heard of it before but it has some nice games I can play on Linux too.

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Nice video! Thanks!

Check out the description again. You missed the brain creatures (one is near the pink trail ball, also in last picture / screenshot).
And how to leave the PC, basically "look under the desk, with the camera pointing towards the PC screen."

There isn't really an end to the game. I don't think I'll ever update it. Depends on how much time I have, how many ideas I could implement, who cares, and does Inmendham even want this to be online?

A bit of info about the making of this thing:

Created the initial idea on ‎January ‎09, ‎2012. The empty project sat for 3 years. Back then only Unity 4 was available, and I knew hardly anything. Now, Unity 5 is a bit easier, but I still know hardly anything about coding. The animations are from 'Ethan', in the example project which also has car & plane simulating physics. Your viewers are almost 100% correct. Most of the assets are downloaded from free 3D sites (googled 'Free 3D', and looked for .obj files mainly). This project is 100% free, no monetary gain. And yes I could have quite easily spent a few hours and built all of that from scratch, but c'mon.

The fridge is a Nuka Cola fridge, but I did edit the texture - and covered up NukaCola. The symbol is the original, I just made it darker. The ball is just a normal sphere with a rigid body and a trail render. I've never seen the Tron ball :/ but close enough. The only reason why it's a pink line - I couldn't change the color for some reason. When I tried, it went black. So I went with pink because its a bit easier to see.

So apart from being neglected for 3 years, it took about 2 weeks @ about 4 hrs a day to make this and it only it took about an hour to collect his speech audio files of which there are 54 of them. I took as many shortcuts as possible. There's no windows on Inmendham house. I did plan to do them, but then I thought.. 'really, who cares? I don't really want to map his house out anyway.' Every other building I didn't make, just resized it and threw a box collider on it. Except for the town, which I thought I did :/ Anyway.

Thanks agian!